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Hi-Giene Concepts was born in 2005 with an exclusive dealership of Technical Concepts, automatic air freshener in the state of Kerala. Over the years we have added several world leaders in our range of air and surface hygiene products such as Kimbaly-Clark, Clean fix, Schevaran, Jade, HPC etc.. We cater to the who’s who in the hospitality sector in Kerala from the five-star resorts to the downtown restaurants and Offices.

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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The Atlantis Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser comes with a spray spout, thus all you have to do is place your hand under the spout and the sanitizer will be sprayed onto your palm. This hands sanitizer dispenser is for a sensitive and accurate Touch.

A user is just required to bring her hands under the nozzle, and the machine through its infrared motion sensor and high-efficiency pump will dispense soap automatically in just 0.2 seconds.


A range of rolled hand towel dispensers, from a coordinated range of washroom dispenser products, that promote hygiene, improve comfort and care, and help control costs.

Ideal for: dispensing single sheets of KLEENEX* and SCOTT* Rolled Hand Towel, without the need to touch the dispenser, in busy washrooms in work areas, such as food processing environments and public venues, such as airports; helping to reduce contamination and the spread of germs; keeping costs down in areas of heavy use, with easy maintenance.


A stylish, completely automatic modern toilet seat cover is ideal for your washroom convenience. This intelligent toilet seat cover is made of recyclable ABS plastic and will look fantastic in any bathroom. The white toilet seat cover may be fitted over any commode, regardless of size or design (WC).

It’s a perfect substitute for tissues, toilet seat sanitizers, and manpower because it saves time and money. This modern toilet seat cover is both efficient and stylish, with a 15-day charge time and 75 sanitary film roll rotations. Its sensor-based feature makes operation simple and smooth for all users with just a single hand motion near the sensor. With a 10-minute installation time and no structural changes, you’ll have an antibacterial toilet seat cover in no time.

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"Higiene concepts always amaze me with their prompt service. They know very well when my automated perfume spraying machines get empty. They never runout perfumes"

"We developed a great partnership with Hygiene for more than 8 years and the dedication to their services is evident in all aspects."

"Great customer service, no hold time when you call. Rates are good"

"Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. The team is really informed and goes the extra mile at every stage"